XPNDA Dynamic, LLC

Travis Sea

CEO & Founder

The company and clothing line started as an ice breaker in awkward situations. For instance, a good friend of mine was unable to talk to girls throughout college. One day after work, I decided to make him a shirt with a QR code on the back, which scanned to a constantly updating joke.

About two weeks later, he wore it to a local college bar and did what he always did – awkwardly avoided people. However, this time several girls came up to him, referencing the QR code and sticking around for conversation. The QR code was scanned over 150 times in 3 hours, my friend made some new connections, and the concept had traction.

Since that day, XPNDA has evolved tremendously. For the past two years we have been focusing on t-shirts, corporate uniforms, and partner sales. We believe transitioning to collared shirts is an expression of our maturing audience, and our selves. Afterall, why sell clothing if you won't wear it yourself.